AI Prompt Engineer at Crossover

Posted on (10 months ago)

Location: Raleigh, NC, USA

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

Job Type: full-time

Experience Level: mid-senior-level

Remote: remote

Job Description

At, we're challenging traditional educational paradigms with cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking. Our mission is to empower students and educators by creating exceptional EdTech tools that revolutionize the learning experience at scale. As part of our dynamic and passionate team, you'll help develop groundbreaking AI-based products and services that encourage learning, growth, and empowerment for American students nationwide.


  • Design, develop, and refine generative AI prompts for AP, SAT, and K-12 for a wide range of subjects.
  • Evaluate the quality and educational effectiveness of the content produced by our AI systems against defined quality bars, in structured datasets.
  • Collaborate closely with the academic team to ensure AI-generated content aligns with curriculum standards and learning objectives.
  • Continually improve our AI models based on feedback, student performance data, and advancements in AI technology.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to AI-generated content to ensure a seamless learning experience for our students.


  • Experience with generative AI for producing content - you already understand the limitations, pitfalls, and best practices.
  • Scored 5s on APs (Advanced Placement Exams) & 1500+/2300+ on SAT exams in high school
  • Basic coding skills (AP Computer Science A level is enough)
  • Able to work the majority of your 40 weekly hours between 3 AM and 5 PM CST, Monday through Friday.


The compensation level for this role is $50 USD/hour, which equates to $100,000 USD/year assuming 40 hours per week and 50 weeks per year. The payment period is weekly.