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Prompt Engineer at Intellect Design Arena Ltd

We are looking to hire a seasoned Prompt Engineer for Chennai location; Ideal candidate will have minimum 2+ years of experience.

Chennai, India

Prompt Engineer at Avenue Code

Avenue Code is the leading software consultancy focused on delivering end-to-end development solutions for digital transformation across every vertical. We’re privately held, profitable, and have been on a solid growth trajectory since day one. We care deeply about our clients, our partners, and our people. We prefer the word ‘partner’ over ‘vendor’, and our investment in professional relationships is a reflection of that philosophy. We pride ourselves on our technical acumen, our collaborative problem-solving ability, and the warm professionalism of our teams. Avenue Code has been believing in and promoting plurality actions for over 10 years, understanding that recognizing differences and fostering a safe environment, employment opportunities, representation, and support are the best ways to promote an increasingly equitable culture.

New York, United States

Prompt Engineer at Bito

Bito believes software development will change dramatically over the next 5-10 years, driven by the incredible capabilities of Generative AI. Software developers will become 10-20 times more productive, and the amount of new software built in the world will increase dramatically. We believe this will happen via agents that can complete an entire workflow or task. Bito aims to be a leader in the GenAI tools that will enable this transformation.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Prompt Engineer at OneForma

Join Us as a Prompt/Response Author - Enhance AI Usability and Shape the Future! As a Prompt/Response Author, you will be at the forefront of ensuring the accuracy and relevance of AI-generated responses. Your key responsibility includes authoring prompts and responses for a variety of task types. This role is instrumental in training our AI model to deliver exceptional service to users.

Hong Kong SAR

Prompt Engineer at Arintra

Arintra is an artificial intelligence-based healthcare backed by YCombinator. We have built a clinically-driven AI-powered technology to autonomously generate accurate medical codes to improve billing for hospital systems in the USA. Through our product, we aim to reduce administrative hassles and maximize revenue for healthcare providers by automating their coding and billing with zero workflow change. Innovation and commitment to our mission are core to our DNA and through our shared values, we foster an environment of inclusion, empowerment, accountability, and fun!

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Prompt Engineer at

Job Title: Prompt Engineer Location: Sydney / Melbourne Company: MyLot Website: About Us: MyLot is a pioneering generative AI software company revolutionising customer experiences across regulated industries. Our vision is to 'Simplify regulatory experience for everyone,' making it easy for anyone to understand and navigate regulations. We’ve built a platform that orchestrates AI agents to replicate human expertise. The platform is provider agnostic, allows us to iterate and test at speed. Our first product, the MyLot AI planning assistant, aims to reduce the statutory planning bottleneck in the housing development market.

New South Wales, Australia

English Prompt Engineer / Content Writer at iMerit Technology

iMerit, a leader in AI training, is seeking Expert AI Trainers interested in shaping the evolution of Generative AI. In this role, you will craft original content, create problem-solving puzzles, and provide feedback to teach AI models to become more helpful, accurate, and safe.

Prompt Engineer at Vectra AI

Vectra AI’s Office of the CTO is seeking to expand the Emerging Technologies team to include a Prompt Engineer contributing to the company’s next generation of AI-based products and services. This role will focus on ongoing research initiatives and prototypes centrally leveraging large language models (LLMs). The ideal candidate will both collaborate through the difficult challenges of early-stage research and development while also working independently and autonomously in their specialized area of focus. Additionally, this role must be comfortable with the ambiguity of open-ended research while maintaining a strong bias to converge that research into a concrete and supportable specification and implementation.

United States

Prompt/Modelling Engineer Intern at Typetone

Typetone’s mission is to create reliable, custom AI systems for enterprises to create AI content within their own tone of voice. We want Generative AI to be scalable and take care of the brand identity in the content of our customers.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Junior Prompt Engineer at Big Red Communications Group

BRX/ Big Red Group are seeking a Junior Creative Prompt Engineer to join our team in Melbourne. At BRX, we are building the ad agency model of the future and it’s working, clients are loving our Creative X AI ways of working and we seek the next person to come and shape this with us.

Melbourne, Australia

AI Expert & Prompt Engineer at Webgenesys S.p.A.

We are looking for candidates for the role of AI Expert & Prompt Engineer for our offices in Rome, Catanzaro, Catania, and Palermo. The AI Expert & Prompt Engineer will work alongside the development and innovation teams to bring AI-driven solutions within the company, focusing on both internal processes and potential AI-based products. Experience in deploying and using large language models based on open-source and proprietary technologies, prompt engineering, and a solid experience in web-based programming languages and Python is required. The main focus will be on AI-supported coding and AI-based vertical solutions mainly oriented towards the public administration market.

Catania, Italy

AI Content Quality Assurance Specialist at HP

At HP, our vision is to engineer experiences that amaze. With the creativity and energy of a startup, combined with the strength and determination of a Fortune 100 corporation, we continue to deliver groundbreaking technologies that build on our 85-year legacy of innovation.

Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico

AI Content Writer at Navan

Are you ready to write the future of content creation? We're looking for someone who thrives at the intersection of technology and storytelling, someone who can turn AI-generated drafts into compelling narratives that resonate, engage, and convert. If you're passionate about leveraging AI to redefine content creation, eager to work in a collaborative, high-impact environment, and ready to make your mark in a company that values bold ideas, we want to hear from you. We seek to revolutionize how we create content, using your expert judgment and creativity to refine AI-generated content into powerful pieces that align with our brand voice and meet our high standards for quality and impact.

Berlin, Germany

Prompt Engineer at Lyrebird Studio

Lyrebird Studio is a top mobile app development company producing user-friendly, entertaining mobile apps for Android and IOS. Lyrebird takes firm steps for the future with its 45 million monthly active users and more than 1.5 billion total downloads and installs globally. Its creative, technical, and design teams work passionately and devotedly to meet the mobile app users' expectations. You will join an organic structure where you will take ownership of your role and contribute actively with new ideas for new projects in a creative and stimulating working environment. You will be part of a small and high-performing team and work together in goodwill to achieve the best results. Feel free to think big, and if you're up to the challenge, come and join us!

Istanbul, Turkey

Prompt Engineer (Excellent English) at graph8

We're seeking a candidate with a solid grasp of English and Python fundamentals, expertise in LLMOps, familiarity with current prompting trends, and enthusiasm for AI advancements. This role will focus on developing innovative solutions for Voice AI and automation projects, making technology helpful for our clients while ensuring robust, scalable, and monitored LLM implementations.

United States

Generative AI Specialist - Prompt Engineer at CRIF

CRIF, a prestigious and innovative international group specializing in informational solutions, decision models, outsourcing, software, and consulting services to support banks, financial companies, insurance agencies, utilities, and businesses, is seeking a Generative AI Specialist - Prompt Engineer. The successful candidate will join our “Advanced Analytics Global” area, the Center of Excellence at CRIF that combines expertise in Data Science, Data Engineering, and Generative AI.

Prompt Engineer at Coralogix

Coralogix is looking for a Prompt Engineer with experience in natural language processing and programming languages. The ideal candidate will collect and analyze data related to our current prompt performance and enhance our natural language translation to Dataprime language using collected data.

Gurugram, Haryana, India

AI Prompt Engineer at Data Meaning

Data Meaning is a front-runner in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics consulting, renowned for our high-quality consulting services throughout the US and LATAM. Our expertise lies in delivering tailored solutions in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Project Management.

United States

Prompt Engineer at SMX Services & Consulting, Inc.

SMX Services & Consulting is seeking a Prompt Engineer to support the National Institute on Aging. The candidate's responsibilities include developing and optimizing prompts for AI models, conducting experiments, and analyzing results. Proficiency with programming languages like Python and experience with AI/Client frameworks are required.

Bethesda, MD, United States

Prompt Engineer at GMS

Become a valuable member of our team as a Prompt Engineer. In this role, you’ll be responsible for crafting prompts that align with our client’s requirements, evaluating prompt efficacy through rigorous testing, and working closely with different departments to ensure prompt precision aligns with our business goals.

Prompt Engineer at Prompt Engineer Collective

The Prompt Engineer Collective is a vibrant community dedicated to the advancement and application of generative AI technologies. We bring together enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders to collaborate, innovate, and share knowledge. Our mission is to empower the AI revolution by uniting developers, enthusiasts, and business innovators.

United States

Junior AI Prompt Designer at United for Care

We are seeking a highly skilled AI Prompt designer to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing and optimising AI Prompts for interpreting and evaluating medical information. This role requires a blend of technical expertise and an understanding of medical data to create effective and accurate AI-driven solutions.

Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia

AI Prompt Engineer- Fashion Visuals at galleri5

This is an internship role for an AI Prompt Engineer at galleri5 located in Bengaluru. As an AI Prompt Engineer, you will be responsible for the day-to-day tasks associated with AI prompt functionalities in generative AI images. We are seeking a candidate with a good mix of fashion and tech-enabled. This is an on-site position. We are India's first quality & accuracy-driven AI catalog image generation platform, and we are looking to expand our workforce in this vertical.

Bengaluru, India

Prompt Engineer at ANKBYTE

Ankbyte is a premier IT services and solutions company with a focus on AI.

Prompt Engineer Intern at Hexagon Intelligence

As a Prompt Engineer Intern at Hexagon Intelligence, you will join a team dedicated to enhancing AI-driven solutions. Your primary responsibility will be to design, test, and optimize prompts for advanced AI tools like ChatGPT, ensuring they deliver accurate, relevant, and contextually appropriate responses. This role is crucial for improving user interaction and overall satisfaction with our AI technologies.

Lisbon, Portugal