AI Prompt Engineer at MoneyLion

Posted on (a month ago)

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Industry: Financial Services

Job Type: full-time

Experience Level: entry-level

Remote: on-site

Job Description

MoneyLion is a leader in financial technology powering the next generation of personalized products and content, with a top consumer finance super app, a premier embedded finance platform for enterprise businesses and a world-class media arm. MoneyLion’s mission is to give everyone the power to make their best financial decisions. We pride ourselves on serving the many, not the few; providing confidence through guidance, choice, and personalization; and shortening the distance to an informed action. In our go-to money app for consumers, we deliver curated content on finance and related topics, through a tailored feed that engages people to learn and share. People take control of their finances with our innovative financial products and marketplace - including our full-fledged suite of features to save, borrow, spend, and invest - seamlessly bringing together the best offers and content from MoneyLion and our 1,100+ Enterprise Partner network, together in one experience. MoneyLion’s enterprise technology provides the definitive search engine and marketplace for financial products, enabling any company to add embedded finance to their business, with advanced AI-backed data and tools through our platform and API. Established in 2013, MoneyLion connects millions of people with the financial products and content they need, when and where they need it.


  • Design, develop, and optimize high-quality prompts for GenAI applications
  • Perform systematic evaluation of prompts and LLMs across different use cases
  • Recommend ways to measure performance and success of prompts
  • Identify, research methodologies, propose and implement applications that leverage on GenAI capabilities to achieve business requirements, such as LLM agents and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Collaborate with Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers for development and deployment of GenAI applications
  • Communicate capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of GenAI capabilities to stakeholders in a clear and concise manner for better decision making
  • Stay up to date with the latest developments in GenAI (especially LLMs), in both academia and the industry, including closed-source and open-source models


  • Strong mathematical, statistical or data science background
  • Strong understanding of LLMs, prompt engineering techniques, GenAI technologies and frameworks
  • Keen interest in the development of GenAI models and applications
  • Hands on experience in machine learning, predictive analytics and statistical modeling would be an advantage
  • Adaptable and sensitive to the evolving nature of GenAI, understanding implications and able to think ahead
  • Able to take on projects tasks independently from end-to-end
  • Proficient in Python, with strong coding practices in GenAI domain including prompt libraries and prompt template reusability
  • Demonstrably excellent verbal and written communication skill


  • Competitive salary packages
  • Comprehensive medical, dental, vision and life insurance benefits
  • Wellness perks
  • Paid parental leave
  • Generous Paid Time Off
  • Learning and Development resources
  • Flexible working hours