Prompt Engineer at iMerit Technology

Posted on (9 days ago)


Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

Job Type: Contract

Experience Level: Associate

Job Description

iMerit, a leader in AI training, is seeking Expert AI Trainers interested in shaping the evolution of Generative AI. In this role, you will craft original content, create problem-solving puzzles, and provide feedback to teach AI models to become more helpful, accurate, and safe.

Why iMerit?

Enjoy a flexible schedule and working location

Join a creative, warm, energetic global community

Share your knowledge and passion for your area of specialization

Shape the most innovative Generative AI tools

Develop Generative AI expertise while polishing your creative and professional skills


  • Craft ideal responses to AI prompts–from factual questions to whimsical jokes
  • Evaluate human and AI-generated text for accuracy, safety, style, and relevance, answering questions like: Which advice column sounds preachier and why?
  • Perform peer review of other writers’ contributions
  • Create original puzzles to test AI performance; for example, you might:
  • Write a scenario involving a social deduction/hidden role game
  • Explain how someone’s experience of humor is shaped by context and culture
  • Craft a thought experiment to explore an ethical principle


  • Advanced student (post-graduate preferred) in Creative Writing, English Literature, or writing-intensive Humanities discipline
  • Excellent English writing skills (must complete a skill assessment), with a strong sense of genre, style, and tone and a delight in playing with written language
  • Teaching, tutoring, and/or editing experience is a plus