Generative AI Annotator at Cpl

Posted on (a year ago)

Dublin, Ireland

Industry: Staffing and Recruiting

Job Type: Full-time

Experience Level: Associate

Job Description

We are looking for detail orientated candidates for the new role of Generative AI Annotator. The ideal candidate has previous experience in effectively coping with a fast-paced, high-pressure role in a constantly changing business environment. They will be client orientated, enthusiastic, courteous, assertive, and motivated to take charge of the development and improvement of LLM (large language models).

The candidate must possess a strong aptitude for working with data and excellent verbal and written communication skills. They will be flexible and analytical with the ability to understand and interpret large datasets and applying predefined guidelines, ensuring the accuracy and quality of annotations.

This position will be based onsite in Sandyford, Dublin 18 for initial 2 months, for training and onboarding and then will revert to completely remote.


  • Create, assess, and refine pairs of questions and answers to improve a large language model
  • Create sample prompts and response in your area of expertise
  • Annotate English data accurately and consistently, and in accordance with predefined annotation guideline
  • Evaluate the quality of existing data resources, as well as the output of machine learning classifiers and internal tools
  • Develop, implement, and maintain guidelines and procedures for consistent, high-quality classification and content creation and organization
  • Perform basic research as needed to annotate accurately
  • Provide feedback on the annotation tasks and contribute to the continuous improvement of the data annotation process
  • Provide insights regarding observed patterns in the annotated data
  • Research new entity categories and best practices for organizing them


  • High Proficiency in English - C1 Level minimum as per the CEFR
  • An undergraduate university degree ( Level7 minimum on National Framework of Qualifications) in of the following domains/educational fields; (Economics/Finance, Mathematics, Nutrition/Culinary, Creative Writing, Biology, Medicine, Religion, History, Physics/Astronomy, Chemistry. Civil Engineering)
  • Understanding of common social norms (Social dynamics, social media, popular culture)
  • Ability to reference online resources, rephrase and write cohesive, accurate, responsive, and sometimes empathetic answers to the prompts in the perspective of a LLM
  • Ability to ask and/or answer specialized domain free-form prompts at university-level difficulty
  • Experience of data and trend analysis, and insights
  • Experience of developing & implementing a range of initiatives
  • Experience working in a constantly changing environment
  • Must be able to manage multiple activities simultaneously and execute decision with judgment and discretion