Prompt Engineer at Mendo

Posted on (7 months ago)

Paris, France

Industry: EdTech

Job Type: Internship

Experience Level: Internship

Job Description

Young startup Mendo, having recently raised funds, offers a solution for acculturation and training on generative AI for businesses (B2B). In this context, we are recruiting an intern 'Prompt Engineer / Generative AI Consultant' whose mission will be to write the best structured prompts for Mendo's systems but also for the clients of the company! The position also includes the creation of GPTs and the use of prompt chain creation tools (LangChain, Copilot Studio). This internship is an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in generative AI in a business context and on business cases.


  • Creation of structured prompts tuned to the needs of the company and its clients
  • Creation of automatic benchmarking for prompt testing
  • Creation of GPTs responding to the needs of the company and clients
  • Creating chains with LangChain for the internal needs of the product
  • Keeping up-to-date with generative AI technologies


  • Good knowledge of prompting
  • Understanding of Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • One or more professional experiences
  • An appetite for understanding client business needs
  • Programming knowledge in Python
  • A lot of curiosity, creativity, and methodology!
  • Work-level proficiency of French (assumed by Promptly Hired)


Indemnity: 1000€/month