Internship - Product AI Prompt Engineering at Worldline

Posted on (5 months ago)

Seclin, France

Industry: Financial Services

Job Type: Full-time

Experience Level: Internship

Job Description

We are innovators at the heart of the payment technologies sector, shaping how the world makes payments. The solutions our employees implement today are the results of tomorrow's businesses' growth. From your local cafe to startups and international banks. From Paris to San Francisco. We are present all around the world, across all commerce sectors. And just like we help our clients accelerate their business, we are committed to helping our employees accelerate their career. Together, we are shaping evolution.

Artificial Intelligence will disrupt the way products and services are designed and built. AI (LLM and generative AI) has a huge impact on the economy and the industry, and the trend will grow very rapidly in the coming years.

As a Product AI Prompt Engineer at Wordline, you will work with a variety of language models to develop conversational AI models across several products in our merchant services division: in-store payments, payment acquisition, e-commerce, customer portals, API, and shared services.


  • Use generative AI models to enhance the development of our products.
  • Develop and deploy conversational AI models in English based on large language models such as GPT-3/4, BERT, ELMo, etc.
  • Evaluate the effects of AI models and ensure that results are consistent.
  • Integrate AI models into existing products.
  • Collaborate on the design and construction of new products and services based on AI models and generative AI.


  • Currently studying or have recently obtained a degree in Computer Science, Applied Sciences, Data Science, Business Administration, or a related field (or similar experience).
  • Good level of English and comfortable with writing and speaking.
  • Previous academic knowledge or willing to learn about generative AI and LLMs.
  • Ability to work autonomously and to collaborate effectively in a team environment.
  • Exposure to Python (or willingness to learn).
  • Curious, enthusiastic, patient, determined with an experimental attitude and problem-solving skills.
  • Work-level proficiency of French (assumed based on original job posting).


  • The opportunity to be at the heart of the global payment technology sector and to shape how the world makes payments.
  • A unique chance to work on something truly exciting with a new internal entrepreneurial team.
  • Mentorship by experienced professionals.
  • A friendly, inclusive, and dynamic work environment.
  • A monthly stipend and a 50% contribution towards public transportation subscriptions.
  • Access to our company restaurant.
  • 3 RTT days per quarter.
  • Access to CSE ticketing.
  • A monthly stipend.
  • Duration of the internship: Up to 6 months.