Internship Prompt Engineering at Typetone.AI

Posted on (a year ago)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Industry: AI

Job Type: Full-time

Experience Level: Internship

Job Description

Typetone is one of the fastest growing AI startups in the Netherlands. Typetone's mission is to create reliable, custom AI systems for enterprises to create AI content within their own tone of voice. We want Generative AI to be scalable and take care of the brand identity in the content of our customers.


  • Discover, test, and document best practices for a wide range of tasks relevant to our customers.
  • Build a set of tutorials and interactive tools that teach the art of prompt engineering to our customers.
  • Helping in modelling the tone of voice of our customers in their custom trained models.


  • High energy and high drive to win / gets motivated by change and innovation. We don't care about your study-background!
  • Have a creative hacker spirit and love solving puzzles.
  • Are an excellent communicator, and love learning technical concepts and creating high quality documentation that helps out others.
  • Creative and entrepreneurial way of solving problems: if there is a way, you will find it.
  • You make ambiguous problems clear and identify core principles that can translate across scenarios.
  • You stay up-to-date and informed by taking an active interest in emerging research and industry trends.


  • Working directly with the AI startup Founders
  • The opportunity to learn and work in a brand new field within AI
  • A modern office in Amsterdam
  • Freedom to learn and pick up anything within our startup