Master in Prompt Design at Job Farm

Posted on (5 months ago)


Industry: Human Resources Services

Job Type: Full-time

Experience Level: Entry Level

Job Description

Job Farm, a training and personnel selection body with more than 30 years of experience, opens the selections for the Master in Prompt Design (April - May 2024)

This high-profile training course offers the opportunity to acquire distinctive skills by deepening tools focused on the optimal use of Artificial Intelligences: from Prompt Engineering, to the use of LLMs, to the Generation of Images and Multimedia through AI.

The proposal is characterized by a strong practical imprint thanks to the project work and the focus on Prompt Engineering, which allow applying the acquired knowledge.

The master, entirely ONLINE in a blended mode (e-learning + virtual classroom), offers everyone the opportunity to personalize their study plan among the following areas:

- Introduction to Generative AI

- Principles of Prompt Engineering

- Generation of Images and Multimedia with AI

- Design of AI Agents

- Integration of Generative AI in Workflows + project work

- Perspectives and Future Trends on Generative Artificial Intelligence

Furthermore, the release of the Competence Certification recognized at the European level is also planned.

DETAILS: From April to May 2023. Master limited in number. Weekend and evening formula.


  • Personalize the study plan among various areas of AI
  • Participate in project work focused on Prompt Engineering
  • Integrate Generative AI in Workflows.


  • Interest in Generative AI, Prompt Engineering, and AI applications
  • Work-level proficiency of Italian


Release of the Competence Certification recognized at the European level