Prompt Engineer at Air Apps

Posted on (7 months ago)


Industry: Technology, Information and Internet

Job Type: Full-time

Experience Level: Mid-Senior Level

Job Description

Are you a forward-thinking Prompt Engineer with a passion for shaping the realm of digital interactions and language understanding? Do you dream of utilizing your skills to enhance the capabilities of AI-powered platforms?

If you're excited about pushing the boundaries of conversational AI and are eager to contribute to a dynamic tech-driven environment, then you're in the right place!

About Us. We are a 100% remote company with just over 50+ employees working across the globe every single day to build products that enrich people's lives. We combine the simplicity and greatness of Apple products by creating utility and productivity apps that make people's lives easier. Our apps have been downloaded over 100+ million times and received over 2 million ratings with an average of 4.7 stars.

Our Apps. At the heart of our innovative product lineup is our flagship app, Hello AI. Powered by state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, Hello AI is a revolutionary chatbot app that offers users an immersive language learning experience, enhances writing skills, and facilitates engaging conversations.

Our Mission. Through Hello AI and our suite of AI-powered apps, we aim to empower individuals with the tools they need to unlock their full potential, expand their knowledge, and foster meaningful connections.

Our Culture. Experience the ultimate freedom of a fully remote, results-driven work style that amplifies productivity and harmonizes work-life balance. Engage with our vibrant international team through coffee calls, dynamic team meetings, and exhilarating hackathons. Embark on an extraordinary journey with Air Apps, where audacious ambitions become triumphant realities.


  • Contribute to the forefront of AI app design and user experience, shaping the future of mobile technology
  • Embrace your creativity and take bold design risks while working on projects that inspire you
  • Collaborate with a diverse team of developers, designers, product managers, and data scientists, where your ideas will be heard and valued
  • Stay at the cutting edge of frontend development trends and technologies, with opportunities for professional development
  • Witness your code come to life and make a meaningful impact on millions of users' lives


  • An impressive portfolio spotlighting your most inventive and user-centric prompt engineering accomplishments
  • Your capacity to think beyond conventional methods, devising distinct solutions that push the boundaries
  • Proven expertise in prompt engineering strategies and implementation
  • An enthusiasm for technology, AI, and a proactive willingness to evolve alongside the rapidly changing landscape of digital interactions


  • Be a Pioneer: Contribute to the forefront of AI app design and user experience
  • Creative Freedom: Embrace your creativity and take bold design risks
  • Collaborative Environment: Work with a diverse team where your ideas are valued
  • Continuous Growth: Stay updated with the latest front-end development trends
  • Impactful Work: Your work will impact millions of users