Prompt Engineer at Aquent Studios

Posted on (4 months ago)

Paris, France

Industry: Design Services

Job Type: Contract

Experience Level: Mid-Senior Level

Job Description

Aquent Studios is looking for Prompt Engineers for our growing team based in Paris, France!

Our client is a major multinational Pharma and Healthcare company engaging in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of primarily prescription products.

This role is HYBRID and does require you to be onsite 2 days a week

The Prompt Engineer specializes in crafting and refining prompts for generative AI to produce high-quality marketing content. This role requires deep understanding of AI content generation tools and the ability to work closely with cross-functional teams to ensure that the visual assets are engaging, diverse, and aligned with project objectives. The Prompt Expert will also be responsible for consolidating all prompt knowledge in a prompt library, and to support the team's upskilling.


  • Develop innovative and compelling creative prompts tailored to specific target audiences and project requirements.
  • Collaborate with writers, marketing teams, product designers, and other stakeholders to understand their needs and preferences for prompt-based projects.
  • Iterate on prompt designs based on feedback from stakeholders and performance metrics, continuously improving their effectiveness and appeal.
  • Maintain a repository of curated prompts, organized by theme, difficulty level, and other relevant criteria, to facilitate easy access and reuse.
  • Ensure upskilling of the rest of the team on the use of Generative AI applications and their ability to produce high quality marketing content through efficient prompts.
  • Customize prompts for different platforms and formats, considering factors such as word count, visual elements, and interactive components.
  • Research and stay updated on emerging trends, industry references, and products to inform the creation of relevant and engaging prompts.
  • Coordinate with Account directors and schedulers to integrate prompt-based activities into content calendars and production schedules.
  • Provide guidance and support to content creators, offering tips, examples, and resources to help them interpret and respond to prompts effectively.
  • Monitor the success of prompt-driven initiatives through metrics such as engagement rates, completion rates, and audience feedback, and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Stay abreast of advancements in creative technologies and tools, exploring opportunities to enhance prompt creation and delivery processes.


  • Strong understanding of generative AI and content generation technologies, with proficiency in multiple generative AI applications (OpenAI ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, etc.).
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience in content creation or a related field.
  • Creative thinking and ability to innovate in prompt development.
  • Strong communication skills and pedagogy for effective team collaboration and to ensure efficient upskilling of the team.
  • Proficient English Language


Compensation Range: €40-100/hr