Prompt Engineer at Dame Prompts

Posted on (a year ago)


Industry: Information Services

Job Type: Contract

Experience Level: Mid-Senior Level

Job Description

Join the exciting launch of DamePrompts as part of our Prompt Engineers team! Join a leading platform that gives you the opportunity to sell your prompts and contribute to improving users daily tasks and processes.


  • Create your datasheet where you can expose your prompts for sale as well as links to your social profiles, skills, knowledge, etc.


  • Knowledge and experience as Prompt Engineer for some of the most important AIs, such as ChatGTP, Midjourney, Dall-e, etc.
  • Work-level proficiency of Spanish


  • Generate recurring passive income. Upload a good prompt at an attractive price
  • Prompts from all sectors, from SEO, web development, content, translations, images, illustrations, etc.