Prompt Engineer at Dame Prompts

Posted on (a year ago)


Industry: Information Services

Job Type: Contract

Experience Level: Mid-Senior Level

Job Description

Join the exciting launch of DamePrompts as part of our Prompt Engineer team. Join a leading platform that gives you the opportunity to sell your prompts and contribute to improving the daily processes and tasks of users. At DamePrompts, we value your work and offer you monthly payments for all sales you make through our platform. Your dedication and effort will be rewarded. In addition, we will keep constant communication with you to attend to your needs and ensure your satisfaction. Become a prominent prompt engineer by using DamePrompts as the perfect professional showcase to display your skills. Don't waste any more time and register now on the DamePrompts platform. Publish your profile and add your prompts for sale. Our team of moderators will carefully review your creations before being published, ensuring the quality and success of your products. Once approved, you can start generating passive income while providing help to many people in their daily lives. We are eager to welcome you with open arms.


  • Create your file where you can expose your prompts for sale as well as links to your social profiles, skills, knowledge, etc.


  • Knowledge and experience as a Prompt Engineer for some of the most important AIs, such as ChatGTP, Midjourney, Dall-e, etc.
  • Work-level proficiency of Spanish


  • Generates recurring passive income. Upload a good prompt at an attractive price
  • Prompts from all sectors, from seo, web development, contents, translations, images, illustrations, etc.