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Industry: Artificial Intelligence

Job Type: Full-time

Experience Level: Senior

Job Description

datag revolutionizes the way tech products are developed and deployed, leveraging a variety of artificial intelligence techniques. Our goal is to refine recruiting processes by eliminating biased artifacts like CVs, designing technical tests that accurately assess problem-solving abilities, and minimizing biases in interview processes to facilitate job performance post-onboarding. We aim to ensure that engineers and product managers are evaluated fairly. And most importantly, job recruiting processes can be re-designed with the power of AI and automate repetitive recruiting steps so that talented recruiters can focus their resources on their essential capabilities.

We are looking for an experienced Prompt Engineer to join our team at Datag. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in natural language processing (NLP) or text-based machine learning, with a proven track record of prompt engineering using large language models (LLMs) like GPT, Llama, Mystical AI, and others. This role requires a creative and analytical mind that can generate insightful interview questions to accurately assess the core capabilities of job seekers.


  • Work closely with recruiting agencies and startup engineering managers to design and implement prompt engineering solutions.
  • Leverage your expertise in NLP and machine learning to develop innovative prompt engineering techniques.
  • Generate high-quality interview questions that accurately assess the core capabilities of job seekers.
  • Collaborate with other teams at Datag to improve and optimize the recruiting process.
  • Engage in developer marketing and technical writing to communicate the value of our prompt engineering solutions to a wider audience.


  • Minimum 5 years of experience in NLP or text-based machine learning.
  • Prior experience in engineer interviews at recruiting agencies or as an engineering manager at startups.
  • Experience using job platforms such as Indeed.
  • Extensive knowledge of prompt engineering using LLMs like GPT, Llama, Mystical AI, and others.
  • Proven experience in generating interview questions that accurately assess the core capabilities of job seekers.
  • Strong developer marketing and technical writing skills.


  • Competitive salary with opportunities to work with serial tech/AI entrepreneurs
  • Need to understand internal code of communication
  • Need to take application design tests, coding tests, and 2 interviews