Prompt Engineer at

Posted on (5 months ago)

Madrid, Spain

Industry: Information Technology and Services

Job Type: Full-time

Experience Level: Associate

Job Description is a cutting-edge AI company that seamlessly generates thousands of personalized emails, ensuring a natural and engaging communication. The company tailors each message with precision, ensuring a bespoke approach that resonates, engages, and maximizes reply rates. Majilabs crawls LinkedIn profiles, company websites, blog posts, videos, for each individual lead, enabling the AI to autonomously extract valuable information and craft personalized emails tailored to the unique characteristics of each lead.


The Prompt Engineer will be responsible for creating, designing, and implementing new AI models, analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of existing AI models, and working with Key Stakeholders in sales, marketing, and product development to design AI models that meet specific customer needs. They will also work closely with the engineering team to refine and improve the overall process efficiency.


  • Fluent coding skills in Next.js
  • Experience with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques
  • Proficient in writing efficient algorithms and data structures
  • Experience working with production environments
  • Ability to work independently and remotely
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Bachelor's in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, or equivalent experience that demonstrates expertise
  • Experience with natural language processing and sentiment analysis is a plus
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure and management (AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure) is a plus
  • Experience in the sales and marketing industry is a plus