Prompt Engineer at pulze

Posted on (a year ago)

Budapest, Hungary

Industry: software

Job Type: Full-time

Experience Level: Entry Level

Job Description

At Pulze, we create software that makes the lives of 3D artists easier. Our intuitive tools enable them to be more efficient and productive, allowing them to focus on creativity. It is used by prominent visualization and architectural firms around the world.


Create our very own Stable Diffusion models


  • Fluent in Stable Diffusion and Controlnet using Automatic1111
  • Familiarity with the current methods, workflows, popular models, prompting approaches relevant to the field of archviz
  • Proper knowledge of architectural visualization
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken


The position offers flexibility, allowing candidates to work remotely or from our Budapest office. We welcome applications from both freelancers and individuals seeking full-time or part-time employment.