Prompt Engineer at The Prompt Wizards

Posted on (a year ago)

United States

Industry: AI Language Technologies

Job Type: Volunteer

Job Description

The Prompt Wizards is a passionate community focused on the creation and sharing of unique AI prompts. We're committed to enhancing the creative AI experience for our users and shaping the future of AI interaction in an inclusive and innovative manner. We're now looking for an enthusiastic Prompt Engineer Volunteer to join us on this exciting journey.

As a Prompt Engineer Volunteer, your primary role will be designing and developing unique, creative prompts for various AI models. In addition, you'll be expected to refine and implement changes based on community feedback and work closely with fellow wizards to continually improve the overall user experience. Success in this role will be defined by your ability to consistently create engaging and exciting prompts that elicit thoughtful AI responses and stimulate meaningful interactions within our community.


  • Develop and optimize unique and creative prompts for various AI models
  • Test prompts for effectiveness and refine based on community feedback
  • Collaborate with the team to continually improve prompt quality and user experience
  • Actively participate in community events and discussions, bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the table
  • Determine and develop user requirements for systems in production to ensure maximum usability


  • Prior experience with AI language models (especially GPT-based models) is beneficial
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • A high degree of creativity and a passion for AI and language technologies
  • Ability to work effectively in a collaborative, inclusive environment
  • No formal education requirement - passion for AI and creativity is key!