Prompt Engineer (L3+) at Blueground

Posted on (7 months ago)

Location: EMEA

Industry: Real Estate

Job Type: full-time

Experience Level: entry-level

Remote: remote

Job Description

At Blueground, our vision is to make people feel at home wherever they choose to live. We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to join our newly-launched AI team. In this role, you’ll get a chance to work on prompt engineering, enabling sales, customer support, and many other exciting applications.


  • Collaborate with a team of engineers to design and develop prompts, applying NLP models for various applications
  • Implement prompt engineering techniques using LangChain to fine-tune models to enable the domains of sales and customer support
  • Develop and refine machine learning models for natural language understanding and generation, tailored specifically for customer support and sales scenarios
  • Design and implement chat prompts and conversational flows that simulate support agents
  • Conduct experiments to improve ChatGPT's performance and customer satisfaction
  • Develop and maintain a Python codebase for prompt engineering, ensuring efficiency, readability, and maintainability
  • Collaborate with software engineers to integrate prompt engineering capabilities into production systems, ensuring scalability and reliability
  • Stay up to date with the latest advancements in NLP and prompt engineering techniques, contributing to the company's knowledge base and best practices


  • Full-Stack Development
  • Value Driven
  • Python
  • LangChain
  • OpenAI


  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible paid time off
  • Enhanced parental leave
  • Dynamic working environment with talented people
  • Flexible work environment through our Blueground Nomads employee mobility program
  • Complimentary accommodation in Blueground locations. Think summer in LA and winter in Dubai!