Stable Diffusion Prompt Engineer at Airolla

Posted on (7 months ago)

United States

Job Type: Contract

Experience Level: Associate

Job Description

We have an AI companion platform where our users talk to their AI about anything and everything via text. This platform has a feature where the AI can send photorealistic images of what it is wearing / doing in real time. These photos are generated by extracting contextual Stable Diffusion prompts from text conversations.


  • Create the perfect prompts to fully capture the intent of a text conversation in a photo
  • Create the optimal photo set from contextual clues in a conversation
  • Be at the forefront of merging text generation and image generation to create the next generation of contextually-based photorealistic AI


  • Demonstrated expertise in Stable Diffusion prompting
  • Fluent in English with a rich vocabulary
  • Ability to distill many types of conversations into precise prompts
  • Strong creative problem solving skills and ability to optimize for multiple factors at a time
  • Demonstrated attention to detail and high quality standards
  • Think Artificial Intelligence is really cool