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Prompt/Generative AI Engineer at Aksigorta

Aksigorta is formed by the synergy of Sabancı Holding who brings Turkey and the world together with its 16 companies in 9 sectors, and Ageas Group, a 150-year old global player of insurance industry. We have more than 60 years of experience as one of the biggest insurance companies in Turkey.

Umraniye, Istanbul, Turkey

Prompt-Engineer / AI-Evangelist at 20 Minuten

Launched at the end of 1999 for a young and urban audience in the Zurich region, the commuter newspaper '20 Minuten' has become the Swiss media title with the highest reach, with a presence in German-speaking Switzerland, Western Switzerland, and Ticino. In eight printed local editions five times a week and digitally around the clock, '20 Minuten' informs and entertains in three languages with stories from politics, economy, sports, and entertainment. On digital channels, '20 Minuten' also offers moving images, audio formats, radio, and other forward-looking technologies. '20 Minuten' is part of the TX Group.

Zurich, Switzerland

High School Prompt Engineer at ProfessorAI

We are a startup based out of Seattle, Washington looking for a Prompt Engineer to join our team part-time. Opportunities are endless once you join our team. New opportunities will be available as we continue to grow, including advancement to leadership positions, and roles including potential ownership.

Washington, United States

Prompt Engineer at Citizenly

We require you to attach a cover letter to your application that answers 3 specific questions. We will not review your resume if a cover letter is not sent with it.

Portland, OR, United States

ChatGPT & AI trainer (Experienced corporate trainer) at Skillopedia

Skillopedia is one of Asia's leading training and development firms. Our focus is on transforming the lives of companies, startups, and Fortune 500 companies. We are looking for an experienced ChatGPT & AI trainer who will be responsible for delivering training and developing training materials for our corporate clients. As a ChatGPT & AI trainer, you will be responsible for planning and conducting workshops, identifying and addressing skill gaps, and tracking progress. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to deliver training that meets the needs of our clients.

Prompt Engineer at Recbold

We are a dynamic company looking for an experienced Prompt Engineer to join our team. If you are passionate about artificial intelligence, text generation and want to grow in a dynamic environment, this job is for you!

Katowice, Poland

Midjourney / Stable Diffusion AI Artist for Product Imagery at Italic

Italic is creating a world of luxury without labels. We believe that luxury today is exclusionary and all about marketing that hurts its customers and manufacturers. Our mission is to create a new model that enables manufacturers to bypass the legacy luxury supply chain and deliver luxury goods with equivalent or better quality directly to consumers. Our customers come to rely on Italic for our quality, timeless design, and radical value. We are seeking a talented AI Artist to join our creative team. In this role, you will collaborate with other artists, designers, and project managers to create stunning visual assets for various projects across multiple mediums, such as print, digital, and video. As our key AI Artist, you will be responsible for crafting memorable and impactful visuals while adhering to our brand guidelines and creative vision.

Principal Prompt Engineer at Hippo Manager Software, Inc.

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Principal Prompt Engineer to join our dynamic team. As a Principal Prompt Engineer, you will play a crucial role in developing and advancing our language model technology, specifically as it relates to improving the velocity of our software development teams. You will also be responsible for designing, implementing, and optimizing prompt engineering strategies to enhance the capabilities of our natural language processing systems to improve the capabilities of our software products and improve the efficiency in our veterinary practices.

Yarmouth, ME, United States

Prompt Engineer at Protaigé

At the core of Protaigé is the human creator, the origin of all creative innovation. We're more than just a GenAI platform; we're a dynamic creative ecosystem. Hi! We're Protaigé. Our AI-powered content and design SaaS ecosystem helps companies to achieve efficiency, engagement, and return on advertising spend (ROAS) with rapid iteration and agility. Meet the future of commercial creativity. We're just 4 people at the moment and we are growing and building the team thoughtfully and with a lot of care.

AI Prompt Engineer at Dice

Dice is the leading career destination for tech experts at every stage of their careers. Our client, Samprasoft, is seeking the following. Apply via Dice today!

Alpharetta, GA, United States

ChatGPT Social Media Volunteer at The Guyana Economic Development Trust

The Guyana Economic Development Trust engages in Venture Philanthropy to tackle social problems through long term investments, and by using strategic management to achieve transformative goals. We are seeking a volunteer with knowledge of and experience working with social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. The volunteer will help to garner support for an upcoming and exciting project launch. Further, the selected volunteer will learn to use ChatGPT prompts to generate compelling copy for social media posts. In addition to ChatGPT, the volunteer would make use of Canva to produce visually appealing posts to accompany AI generated text/content. Finally, the volunteer will summarize results in dashboard-style reporting to demonstrate outcomes of their efforts. This opportunity would be a great chance for the volunteer to gain or enhance online marketing and promotion skills. This project will support the development of international entrepreneurship.

New York, United States

Art Director with strong proficiency in Midjourney at Planetlambo

We are looking for Art Directors with very good craft and experts in using artificial intelligence tools. They should manage Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and editing tools extraordinarily well, in addition to being able to generate videos and audios with D-ID, Uberduck, etc.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Prompt Engineer at SIFA

SIFA AI is an AI-powered Co-pilot assistant for financial advisors. Our mission is to democratize wealth management by automating complex workflows for financial advisors. Our AI-first approach helps advisors spend less time on middle-office tasks and more time concentrating on building strong, genuine connections with clients. We recently closed our pre-seed round to scale our AI infrastructure and are looking to bring onboard an exceptional Prompt Engineer! That person will have the ability to be entrepreneurial, wear many hats, thrive in the uncertain environment that an early-stage startup is, and most importantly, show initiative and challenge existing norms.

London, United Kingdom

Prompt Engineer at Entronicmx

Entronic is a dynamic software development company, dedicated to creating advanced technological solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. We focus on designing intuitive and efficient systems for various sectors, always with the goal of driving innovation and improving the interaction between technology and the end user.

Prompt Engineer at is a cutting-edge AI company that seamlessly generates thousands of personalized emails, ensuring a natural and engaging communication. The company tailors each message with precision, ensuring a bespoke approach that resonates, engages, and maximizes reply rates. Majilabs crawls LinkedIn profiles, company websites, blog posts, videos, for each individual lead, enabling the AI to autonomously extract valuable information and craft personalized emails tailored to the unique characteristics of each lead.

Madrid, Spain

Multidisciplinary Prompt Engineer at Stepwise

💲: 20 000 - 25 000 PLN nett + VAT (B2B contract) About the project: We are seeking a Multidisciplinary Prompt Engineer at Stepwise, a Warsaw-based Software House that specializes in AI-driven solutions. This role is for a cutting-edge AI project that aims to enhance PR tools by providing AI-based research and content suggestions.

Warsaw, Poland

Prompt Engineer at Palazzo

Palazzo is a trailblazing startup at the intersection of technology and interior design. Our mission is to revolutionize home design through the power of generative AI, making sophisticated design accessible to everyone. We are building a dynamic platform that not only visualizes interior design ideas but also connects users with a range of home improvement services.

United States

Prompt Engineer at aicx.

We are looking for a dedicated Prompt Engineer to take responsibility for optimizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Your main task is to provide and refine precise instructions to the AI to achieve optimal results. Whether it's Text-to-Image AI or other models – you will be expected to deliver accurate information about image composition, style, painting technique, perspective, and mood. Your work will help to create Prompt libraries, increase the efficiency of AI, and prevent undesirable outcomes.

Munich, Germany

AI Prompt Engineer and Fine-Tuner at e2f, inc.

e2f helps people and machines communicate naturally regardless of language, content, or culture. With expertise in data science - and deep roots providing agile translation in 200+ languages and dialects - e2f uniquely provides high-quality linguistic datasets of multilingual speech, text, annotation, and quality data required to help machines understand people. e2f customers include several of the world’s most successful artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) deployments. The AI Prompt Engineer and Fine-Tuner is responsible for optimizing the interactions with AI language models. This role involves crafting effective prompts to elicit desired responses from the model and fine-tuning the model's responses for specific use cases. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of AI language models, natural language processing, and user experience design.

Experienced AI/Prompt Engineer at HIVE TA Technologies Inc.

We are building AI tax and finance planning assistant using the latest LLM (GPT 4 Turbo/Claude). We just launched our V1 products.

Orange County, CA, United States

Prompt Engineer at is an innovative early stage startup building the future of conversational intelligence. We are excited about AI, technology and solving real-world problems, while keeping our products up to a high safety standard. In addition to great, cutting edge technology, we also make sure we work with awesome people in a great office space with easy access.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Content Creator at Sublime Wireless Inc

Experienced ChatGPT/AI/Copilot technical training content creator. Experienced in high impact and high visibility learning materials creation, including graphics, video editing, training materials, etc. Experience managing multiple concurrent projects (greater than 5). High energy and a positive outlook Possess a capability to operate at both the strategic and tactical details. An entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to drive innovation independently. Passion to make things better at every opportunity. Ability to coordinate between technical teams and business stakeholders. Experience managing highly technical complex projects with team members that are globally disbursed. Deep understanding of project management methodologies (Agile and waterfall) with real-life application. Proven ability to influence without authority.

Overland Park, KS, United States

Prompt Engineer, Designer, and Researcher at SchoolAI

Welcome to SchoolAI! We're bringing powerful AI into K12 classrooms to make learning personalized and more engaging and personal.

Lehi, UT, United States

Prompt Engineer at NAB

This role will provide a vital role in our GenAI team, responsible for developing and optimizing prompts to enhance the performance and output quality of our AI models. The role responsibilities include: The role requires critical thinking and a high degree of collaboration, and business understanding as well as attention to detail. The characteristics include being versatile, displaying leadership qualities and enthusiasm to take on new problems, ultimately assisting in moving technology forward. This role will have varying degrees of analysis, design, development, documentation, testing and support responsibilities.

Gurugram, India

AI Integration Specialist at Hometown Equity Mortgage dba theLender

As an AI Integration Specialist, you will play a pivotal role in revolutionizing our mortgage business by leveraging OpenAI technologies, particularly ChatGPT. Your primary responsibilities will include designing, implementing, and optimizing AI-driven solutions to enhance various aspects of our mortgage processes.

Lake Forest, CA, United States