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LLM Prompt Engineer at Paradox

Are you a backend-oriented engineer who is deeply interested in AI and LLM technology? Do you love to solve interesting challenges and make a direct impact through your work? Are you a people person who is into code? (and not a code person who is into people!) At Paradox, we believe when you get the people thing right, you can build teams that can change the world. We're helping organizations around the globe reimagine hiring with our first-of-its-kind recruitment technology. From our Conversational ATS to our best-in-class hiring assessments, Paradox is laser-focused on building world-class products and a team that our clients love. Our high-performance culture and triple-digit growth have been recognized on Deloitte's "Fast 500" technology companies, the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies, and as a Forbes Best Startup Employer. And we're just getting started. We are looking for top performers who have a track record of success and want to build a company and create the future together.

Tel Aviv, Israel

ChatGPT Marketing Copywriter (Full-Remote) at EarnAha

We are a rapidly growing software technology startup from Silicon Valley, founded by top engineers from Stanford and MIT. Our dynamic team brings together extensive experience and diverse backgrounds in finance and consulting from New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. As a fully remote company, we offer a unique opportunity for exceptional individuals to join our team. We foster a culture that values both practicality and creativity, providing an meritocratic environment for you to showcase your skills and contribute to the creation of innovative products.

Malacca, Malaysia

Generative AI Annotator at Cpl

We are looking for detail orientated candidates for the new role of Generative AI Annotator. The ideal candidate has previous experience in effectively coping with a fast-paced, high-pressure role in a constantly changing business environment. They will be client orientated, enthusiastic, courteous, assertive, and motivated to take charge of the development and improvement of LLM (large language models).

Dublin, Ireland

Generative AI Explorer (Stable Diffusion, ControlNet...) at ZAUBAR

ZAUBAR is seeking a highly creative and dynamic Generative AI Designer & Manager to join our team.

Berlin, Germany

Data Scientist - Generative AI Specialist at BIP

Data Scientist - Generative AI Specialist Bip has created the largest group of Data Scientists in Italy within our own Competence Centre 'xTech'. In the context of the continuous growth and evolution of this group, we are looking for both junior/intermediate profiles (from graduates to profiles with at least 2 years of experience), and mid-senior profiles (from 3 to 6 years of experience). The Generative AI Specialist in Bip evolves not only their skills in Generative AI models, but also their understanding of our Clients' business-related phenomena. You will be introduced to project contexts where, for the most part, the data are unstructured (texts, images, videos, sounds) and the focus becomes understanding, processing and generating from these otherwise unprocessable documentary bases with classic Data Science techniques.

Palermo, Italy

ChatGPT Trainer at Fun Languages Almada

We are looking for a qualified and enthusiastic trainer to deliver innovative training at our school. The training will address the theme 'How to Use ChatGPT in a School Context', exploring the various applications and benefits of this educational technology in the classroom.

Almada, Portugal

Prompt Engineer at BRX

At BRX, we are a passionate and dedicated team, striving to revolutionise the way brands interact with agencies. We pride ourselves on our inviting work culture, flexible work arrangements, commitment to innovation and always challenging ourselves on how we might be better, faster and smarter.

Sydney, Australia

Stable Diffusion Artist / Prompt Engineer for Product Assets at ControlNet & Italic

Italic is creating a world of luxury without labels. We believe that luxury today is exclusionary and all about marketing that hurts its customers and manufacturers. Our mission is to create a new model that enables manufacturers to bypass the legacy luxury supply chain and deliver luxury goods with equivalent or better quality directly to consumers. Our customers come to rely on Italic for our quality, timeless design, and radical value.

United States

Prompt Engineer at Encipher AI

This role is based full time onsite in Abu Dhabi. My client is big on diversity and is looking to hire qualified and experienced engineers from the EU. As such please only apply if you are open to working onsite in Abu Dhabi. They will support you with all of your visa and relocation costs/needs.

GPT Prompt Engineer at Fullpath

Fullpath is a growing tech company in the automotive space with hubs across the US and Israel. Our mission is to constantly disrupt the industry by creating new, groundbreaking technologies to help dealers build stronger, more resilient businesses. Our work happens in the fast lane as we work to bring AI-powered, data driven solutions to a quickly evolving industry.

Jerusalem, Israel

Lead Prompt Engineer at Superstars

My client, an innovative accelerator company specializing in digital transformation, working with a diverse range of clients is looking for a Lead Prompt Engineer who will play a crucial role in the development of their various clients in conversational AI platform. The company mission is to drive growth and success for businesses through cutting-edge technology solutions. As they continue to expand, they are seeking a seasoned Digital Commerce Consultant to join their dynamic team. As a Lead Prompt Engineer, you will be responsible for creating and optimizing prompt engineering strategies, designing prompt architectures, and managing a future team of prompt engineers. Your expertise will directly impact the quality, performance, and efficiency of our clients AI systems.

United Kingdom

Prompt Engineer M/F at Cosmospace

Looking for a job at the forefront of technology, combining marketing and AI, providing room for creativity? Look no further, our company needs you! We are in search of an innovative and passionate Prompt Engineer, capable of pushing the limits of AI to create extraordinary marketing content. We need someone who can design original language models for our follow-up emails, striking CTAs, and punching sales text.

Valbonne, France

Prompt Engineer at Apprication Pvt Ltd

We are looking for a candidate who has a good experience or knowledge in ChatGPT and it's features.

Prompt Engineer at Dame Prompts

Join the exciting launch of DamePrompts as part of our Prompt Engineer team. Join a leading platform that gives you the opportunity to sell your prompts and contribute to improving the daily processes and tasks of users. At DamePrompts, we value your work and offer you monthly payments for all sales you make through our platform. Your dedication and effort will be rewarded. In addition, we will keep constant communication with you to attend to your needs and ensure your satisfaction. Become a prominent prompt engineer by using DamePrompts as the perfect professional showcase to display your skills. Don't waste any more time and register now on the DamePrompts platform. Publish your profile and add your prompts for sale. Our team of moderators will carefully review your creations before being published, ensuring the quality and success of your products. Once approved, you can start generating passive income while providing help to many people in their daily lives. We are eager to welcome you with open arms.

Prompt Engineer at CoDev

We are seeking for a motivated Mid-Level Prompt Engineer and Full Stack Engineer to join our AI Development Team. As a Prompt Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in designing, developing, and refining AI-generated text prompts, optimizing prompt performance, and enhancing the AI prompt generation process for various applications. Your expertise will be essential in effectively utilizing technologies like ChatGPT and other established LLMs. As a Full Stack Engineer, you will be instrumental in developing and deploying ML models using APIs, AWS, Huggingface (or similar). Your expertise will play a critical role in building on existing products like ChatGPT and other LLMs to achieve our proof of concept and MVP objectives.

Prompt Engineer at Forhyre

We are a cutting-edge technology company at the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution. Our mission is to create intelligent solutions that transform industries and drive innovation. We are seeking a talented and motivated Prompt Engineer to join our dynamic team and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of AI.

Washington, United States

Senior Prompt Engineer - Japan at Talent Analytica

Our client is actively seeking a highly skilled Prompt Engineer to lead their dynamic team in Japan. Are you driven by the potential of Generative AI and its transformative applications? If you are looking for a rewarding role with the opportunity to make a lasting impact in the field of AI, this position is tailor-made for you. As a Prompt Engineering, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Generative AI. You will lead and mentor a team of talented Prompt Engineers guiding them through the design and development of cutting-edge Generative AI prompts. Your expertise will be critical in evaluating and optimizing the quality of the output generated by Generative AI models, enhancing their performance and potential. The responsibilities of this senior role encompass the entire life cycle of AI-related system development projects. From project planning, proposal, and requirement definition to design, introduction, operation, and maintenance – your leadership will be instrumental in driving success. Your skill in VIP management, Issue/Risk Management, Quality control, scope management, quoting, budgeting, and customer coordination will be highly valued in this position.

Prompt Engineer at Robert Walters

We are recruiting for a prompt engineer at a foreign technology service company. We will leave the design and development and quality improvement to you. We welcome those who want to continually challenge the scale of work, roles, and new technologies.

AI - Prompt Engineer - MNC at Channel Marketing

As a Prompt Engineer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the language prompts used by AI systems. You will play a critical role in crafting high-quality and effective prompts that guide the behavior and responses of AI models.

Mumbai, India

Sr. Large Language Model (LLM) Prompt Engineer at Casetext

Casetext has led innovation in legal AI since 2013, applying cutting-edge AI to the law to create solutions. We are searching for a Prompt Engineer with legal domain and software engineering knowledge. The Prompt Engineer will write prompts for large language models tailored to the legal industry. This role is entirely remote, but the candidate must be based in the U.S. and be authorized to work in the U.S.

San Francisco, CA, United States

Volunteer Generative AI Prompt Engineer at Think Round, Inc.

Think Round, Inc. is a forward-thinking non-profit organization dedicated to fostering creativity, empathy, and global unity through innovative projects. Our mission is to create inclusive and transformative experiences that bring people from diverse backgrounds together to envision a harmonious future. The Paradise Project and The Center for the Human Family are our visionary initiatives aimed at building a virtual interactive immersive experience that promotes understanding, empathy, and positive action.

San Francisco, CA, United States

Prompt Engineer and Developer at evolve24

We are looking for REAL people who share our passion for developing REAL AI solutions to solve REAL problems. We are excited you are interested in joining evolve24 in its mission of advancing our clients’ unique goals and strategic objectives. We have a fast-paced, dynamic, and high-tech data science environment with a great collaborative and innovative culture.

Herndon, VA, United States

Prompt Engineer at Dataside

Working with the team in the design and optimization of prompts for the GPT and LangChain. Focused on the consistency and security of the prompts, and also collaborate in a global and multicultural team environment, with communication in English.

São José dos Campos, Brazil

Prompt Engineer at Quidgest

Quidgest is a global technology company, based in Lisbon. We are pioneers in modeling and intelligent automatic generation of software. Through generative AI, our Genio platform presents a vast portfolio of solutions, in different areas, dedicated to continuous improvement in the management of companies and public institutions of excellence.

Lisbon, Portugal

Legal Prompt Engineer - LLM and GPT at ContractPodAi

For over a decade ContractPodAi has been recognized as a leader in Contract management, having re-invented how CLM is priced, delivered and supported. We are growing at a rapid pace and always looking for new colleagues to join our offices in London, New York, Mumbai, Chicago, Australia, Toronto, and Glasgow. ContractPodAi is the perfect place for self-driven, dynamic individuals who want to learn and help businesses grow. As a Legal Prompt Engineer for Large Language models and GPT, you will be responsible for design and development of high-quality prompts for a range of legal use cases and other responsibilities.

London, United Kingdom