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Prompt Engineer at Applied Industrial Measurements

Applied Industrial Measurements is hiring a Prompt Engineer for an internship position. The chosen hire will collaborate with cross-functional teams to define prompt requirements and specifications, design, code, and test prompt algorithms and models, and implement prompt solutions into existing systems. They will also conduct performance testing, maintain documentation for prompt designs and implementations, train and mentor junior engineers and other team members, and stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and trends in prompt engineering.

Worcester, MA, United States

Prompt Engineer at Ascendo Resources

We are seeking a talented and innovative AI Prompt Engineer to join our team. As an AI Prompt Engineer, you will play a crucial role in developing and refining the capabilities of our AI language model, leveraging your expertise in natural language processing and machine learning. You will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our AI-powered solutions. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of AI technologies, excellent programming skills, and a passion for creating intelligent and user-friendly experiences.

Chicago, IL, United States

Prompt engineer and English speaking copywriter at TAXICALLER NORDIC AB

We are looking for a very skilled English speaking copywriter and prompt engineer to our office in Linköping. This position is around 10 hours per week.

Linköping, Sweden

Creative (Generative AI, Crafter) at Superside

We’re seeking an innovative Creative with a focus on Generative AI to join our teams of crafters. Crafters at Superside are creators of beautiful brands and imagery. They leverage AI tools to generate fresh imagery to build a brand or assist an idea. They do so by using their extensive knowledge bank of styles and design techniques.

Prompt Engineer at ChatMan

Company Description: Brance is an early-stage AI startup located in New Delhi and founded by a team with a pedigree from BCG, Apple, Stanford, University of Michigan, IIT, and IIM. We are developing a real-time conversational bot (text and voice) for inside sales and customer care functions of companies selling complex products.

New Delhi, India

Prompt Engineer at TheCRM Corporation

TheCRM Corporation is the foundation for the largest and most extensive AI driven selling system for the car business. The company provides all the necessary tools for car sales from CRM to Equity Mining, Digital Retailing to AI-driven Appraisals. TheCRM works together perfectly since everything was built together, which enables all data to be in one place, making it the perfect solution for an integrated selling system for car and businesses.

Beverly Hills, CA, United States

AI Prompt Developer at Creative Circle

Our software/tech client is looking for an AI Prompt Developer. This role is 40 hours/week (if you are only available 20-30 hours, they are open to that as well!) for 1+ month with potential to extend. Fully Remote!

Minneapolis, MN, United States

Prompt Designer at Lux Holding

We are looking for a passionate and competent individual in the field of artificial intelligence! If you have solid experience using the main AI platforms and are specialized in producing 3D images and videos, we want to hear from you.

Rome, Italy

Prompt Engineer Intern at Ola Electric

Ola Electric is an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer based in Bangalore. Its manufacturing plant is located in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, India. Ola Electric was established in 2017 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ola Cabs' parent ANI Technologies. In March 2019, Ola Electric was spun off as a separate entity with founder Bhavish Aggarwal buying out the parent company's stake in Ola Electric.

Bengaluru, India

Generative IA Prompt Designer Intern at BETC FULLSIX

BETC FullSix is a perfect mix between brand and consumer culture, creativity, digital and technological expertise: a new agency model that sets in motion the brand's digital life in all its forms. Sites, mobile interfaces, campaigns and activations, social media, brand content, CRM...

Pantin, France

Stable Diffusion Artist at Speckle

We are looking for a Stable Diffusion Artist to collaborate with our creative team and produce visually compelling artwork for various projects. The role involves planning, content creation, and effective communication with the team.

Stable Diffusion Artist for Product Assets at Italic

Italic is creating a world of luxury without labels. We believe that luxury today is exclusionary and all about marketing that hurts its customers and manufacturers. Our mission is to create a new model that enables manufacturers to bypass the legacy luxury supply chain and deliver luxury goods with equivalent or better quality directly to consumers. Our customers come to rely on Italic for our quality, timeless design, and radical value.

Mexico City, Mexico

Prompt Engineer at M Moser Associates

Are you a creative content developer in both English & Chinese languages and is able to transform words into vivid visuals? As a global workplace architecture design company, we are committed to creating inspiring and functional spaces that enhance the productivity and wellbeing of the people who use them. We offer a supportive and collaborative work environment where creativity is valued and encouraged.

Shanghai, China

Prompt Engineer Intern at OpeninApp

Almost all your favourite creators on Instagram share links to their latest YouTube videos or YouTube channels in their bio or stories. But whenever you tap on those links, you get redirected to the YouTube website instead of the YouTube app. And here you can’t watch the video in full screen nor can you like it, comment on it or subscribe to the channel.

Bengaluru, India

Prompt Engineer & Librarian at Coley S Home Remodeling

Join our dedicated team as we navigate the exciting landscape of artificial intelligence, placing a strong emphasis on both advanced capabilities and safety. The realm of Large Language Models (LLMs) is burgeoning, offering a blend of programming, instruction, and education that remains unparalleled. As a prompt engineer with us, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping the way we interact with these models.


Prompt Engineer at Betterware Mexico

Join our team! We are a proudly Mexican company, leader in solutions for the home, who through innovative products of the best quality, we seek to give solutions to all the homes of Mexico. Order, practicality, and harmony have led us to be the first company in the country to trade on Nasdaq (NY). Our mission has always been to create opportunities, but above all to work with attitude, commitment, honesty, and respect. Our home, the Betterware Campus, is a reference in terms of corporate and industrial developments. We are sure that its collaborative spaces, its services (nursery, laundry, beauty, gym, etc.), and its sustainability (community nursery, sunlight, natural ventilation), will be the ideal space for you to develop personally and professionally. We invite you to become part of our great team as a Prompt Engineer.

Zapopan, Mexico

Prompt Engineer Intern at Botel

Botel is a dynamic tech company revolutionising property management with AI-driven solutions. We're on a mission to optimise guest communication and enhance user experiences for property managers worldwide.

AI ChatGPT junior specialist at Fresco Select

We are the fastest growing omnichannel player in the Dutch home furnishing market, with now 15 stores. Our aim is to offer a combination of specialist service at affordable prices, similar to DIY stores. As a modern retail organization, we place great emphasis on online support for our physical stores. From our head office in Amersfoort, we relieve the stores as much as possible, so they can focus on their task. We are working towards further growth.

Schiphol, Netherlands

Junior Consultant, Conversation Designer at The Tech Collective

We are a new startup specialized in solutions for conversational AI. Our mission is to help our customers create value with solutions in chatbots, voicebots, and generative AI. We offer to take customers by the hand through the whole process from strategic advice, choice of the right technology, prototypes, and implementation to change management and ongoing maintenance. Our job involves the crossroads between AI and communication and requires equal parts technical interest, linguistic creativity, and the ability to convey.

Hellerup, Denmark

Prompt Engineer Developer at NTT DATA Services

Design and develop prompt solutions to improve system performance and reliability. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify and resolve prompt-related issues. Conduct prompt analysis and troubleshooting to identify root causes of system failures. Develop and maintain prompt testing procedures and documentation. Stay up-to-date with the latest prompt technologies and industry trends. Participate in code reviews and contribute to the development of best practices. Develop and implement GPT prompts to automate repetitive tasks and improve efficiency. Experiment with and explore new ways to utilize GPT in various departments within the company. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify opportunities for GPT implementation and provide solutions. Continuously test and optimize GPT prompts for improved performance. Fine-tune the GPT model for different use cases to ensure optimal performance and accuracy.

Pittsburgh, United States

Prompt Engineer at Bluebird

Our company wants to expand its team with a Prompt Engineer. If you are motivated, have excellent problem-solving skills and are interested in AI and language processing, apply! 😊

Budapest, Hungary

Prompt Engineer at MSL Poland

MSL is an agency belonging to the largest French advertising conglomerate - Publicis Group. We are a group of consultants specialized in communication and engagement building. Our areas of activity are reputation management, corporate communication, consumer communication, crisis consulting, public affairs and cooperation with influencers. We have competencies in creating marketing strategies, building strong brands, and creating and implementing consumer projects online and offline. Together with clients, we build effective relationships with the media, blogosphere, influencers and opinion leaders, and above all, we make our clients' voices matter. MSL Consulting is also corporate social responsibility, shaping the employer's brand and financial communication. We employ over 3,500 people in nearly 100 offices worldwide.

Warsaw, Poland

Prompt Engineer at KubeNiche Inc

We are seeking a motivated and enthusiastic intern to join our team as a Prompt Engineer Intern. As a Prompt Engineer Intern, you will play a crucial role in developing and refining the prompts that power our AI language models. Your contributions will directly impact the performance and capabilities of our cutting-edge natural language processing technology.

Toronto, ON, Canada

AI Prompt Engineer at Altasu Recruitment Group

My client is a dynamic and innovative software development company at the forefront of AI technology. They are developing cutting-edge legal technology products powered by large language models (LLMs) and are committed to pushing the boundaries of AI to revolutionise the legal sector and enhance human experiences.

London, United Kingdom

Prompt Engineer at Campeak

Campeak, is a Startup that is revolutionizing the way to manage Campings and small accommodations in LATAM. We are opening a new vertical on a tool that focuses on managing reservations through a conversational assistant that uses AI through WhatsApp.